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At NGI Asset Management we believe that the client needs a respected and trusted management firm that can assist, guide, and steer through the challenging process real estate has become

Our family owned and operated firm manages and extensive portfolio ranging from first time buyers to elite corporations. No matter was size your investment property is we will manage and maintain it as if were our own. 

At NGI, we are passionate about providing an impeccable client experience. By offering a full range of real estate services that we ensure will meet our owners and investors every need. Our strength lies in the diversity of services offered, including organizing owner's portfolios, accelerating growth, finding hidden value, and planning an exit strategy 

Meet the Team!

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Paul Dedvukaj

Paul is the driving force behind NGI Asset Management, a firm dedicated to reshaping the real estate landscape through innovation, integrity, and insight. Paul’s mission is to lead the firm towards new horizons of success, ensuring we not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations. Paul’s approach is rooted in a commitment to excellence, a forward-thinking mindset, and a dedication to sustainable and community-oriented development.


“The future of real estate is bright, and at NGI Asset Management, we are at the forefront of this evolution. I am excited to continue leading our team towards achieving our vision of accessible, transparent, and impactful real estate investments. Together, we will not only build spaces but also nurture communities and drive economic growth.”

Gjon Dedvukaj
Real Estate Broker

Gjon is the principal broker of our Real Estate Division at NGI Asset Management. He currently owns and operates multiple real estate properties throughout the country. His extensive knowledge & experience in all types of real estate has led him to broker multiple deals over the years.

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Gjon Nicaj
Investor, Developer, Contractor 
Real Estate Sales Associate

Gjon has carved a distinguished path through New York's real estate landscape, leveraging a unique background that began with his role as an operator in the gasoline and diesel business operations in Mexico. There, he honed his expertise in managing the day-to-day logistics of fuel distribution, ensuring compliance with safety and environmental regulations, and building critical relationships with suppliers and customers to facilitate the efficient delivery of energy products.


Transitioning into real estate, Gjon applied his operational excellence and strategic insight to become a formidable real estate investor, developer, contractor, and agent. His significant contributions include transforming undervalued properties into lucrative investments and establishing ASG Development of Westchester, a leader in pioneering projects and major transactions as well as IKIGAI Multiservices Corp, a premier construction firm, renowned for crafting distinctive, high-performance buildings that drive business success and sustainability. Specializing in innovative construction solutions, IKIGAI sets the standard in developing spaces that not only meet the evolving needs of businesses but also enhance the communities they serve. Gjon's journey from fuel operations in Mexico to becoming a visionary in New York's competitive real estate market underscores his comprehensive skill set and respected leadership, marking him as an influential figure in shaping the industry's future.

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Jeffery Weiner
Real Estate Sales Associate

Jeff, in addition to being a Licensed Salesperson in NY and CT with NGI Asset Management, is the Senior Vice President of Business Development at MIOYM Equities, a premier private equity firm specializing in residential and commercial real estate endeavors. His primary responsibilities involve leading capital-raising efforts in the institutional investor marketplace and developing emerging markets. Jeff is in a key position to leverage his contacts nationally for residential and commercial projects. Having started his career at Deloitte in public accounting, Jeffrey’s analytic training and interpersonal intelligence have been instrumental in shaping his successful path in technology and financial marketplaces. Over thirty years, he has successfully structured and closed financial asset transactions totaling more than two billion dollars. He brings exceptional leadership skills and extensive sales and marketing experience to his role.


Jeffrey holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting from SUNY Albany. He furthered his education by earning an MBA in Finance/Marketing from Baruch College. He resides in Greenwich, CT, with his wife, Rhonda. They take pride in being engaged parents to two grown professional daughters, their partners, and grandchildren. Outside of his professional life, Jeffrey is passionate about cycling and has participated in cycling events worldwide to raise funds for various charitable causes. He also enjoys spending quality time with his family and staying active through workouts at the gym, pool, tennis courts, and beach. His vision has always been focused on “Infinite Possibilities.”

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Donika Berisha
Financial Controller

Donika is a dedicated professional with a strong background in banking, finance, and accounting. With a bachelor's degree in Finance & Accounting, she has acquired a solid foundation in financial principles and practices. Starting her career as a Property Accountant, she has honed her skills and expertise in accounting & has a passion for continuous learning and professional development, ensuring that she stays updated with the latest trends and practices in accounting & finance. With her expertise and dedication, she strives to contribute to the financial success of organizations and build strong relationships with colleagues and clients alike.

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